What is Phenolic?

Phenolic or Compact Laminates are made by applying heat and pressure to melamine resin impregnated decorative paper over layers of phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper. When heat and pressure are applied to the layers a chemical reaction (polymerization) transforms the layers into a single laminated sheet.

Manufacturers such as Trespa, Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, Abet and Arpa produce a dazzeling array of colors and patterns in a number of a different grades including Fire Rated, Moisture Restistant and Chemical resistant. What they all have in common is tremendous strength and rigidity, hi impact resistance and resistance to scratching

What Phenolic colors or patterns are available?

Ambienta is available in an enormous array of colors and patters. Click the manufacturer below to view color charts

  • Trespa™
  • Wilsonart®
  • Formica®
  • Nevamar®
  • Abet®
  • Arpa®
  • What Species Are Available?

    Ambienta is available in over 100 species and cuts. SanFoot© wood veneer's are used because they are the most environmentally friendly, strong and well balanced products.

    What finishes are available in Ambienta Glass?

    Ambienta Glass is available back painted on a single pane or laminated bothsides of a wood core.

  • Can wood finishes be custom stained?
  • We can stain Ambienta wood to match your sample. We can provide strike off samples for your approval.

    Is Ambienta Wood Fire Rated?

    Ambienta Wood veneers are ALL available as Class A Fire Rated

    How is Ambienta Installed?

    Al Ambienta products are easy to install and are supplied complete with all necessary fixings and installation instructions. The Ambienta range of products are designed to be simple and quick to install

    Where Do I Purchase Ambienta Products & Accessories?

    Ambient products are available through our international network of distributors.

    Does Ambienta Have an Acoustical Solution?

    Yes, Ambienta Facade Wood finish is available as an acoustical wood panel providing NR values of .95 or better.