Ambienta Secure™

Ambienta Secure Key Features

Ambienta Secure is a beautifully simple locker system offered in a range of natural and durable materials delivering visually stunning, high performance solutions without compromise.

Key Features
Ambienta Secure is supplied with predrilled vertical extrusions into which premachined panels, doors and hardware are inserted. That's it!
Ambienta Secure lockers are so versatile, they can be used to provide solutions in a range of materials - Wood, Glass, Phenolic, Laminate, and Solid Surface and are therefore suitable across all market segments.

Because Ambienta Secure is available in a wide spectrum of materials, the system provides beautifully simple solutions across all major market segments. The natural beauty of real wood architectural quality finishes lend themselves to corporate and hospitality interiors.

The wonderful warmth and beauty of natural wood provides sophisticated options for Corporate and Hospitality segments

High impact phenolic panels are equally at home in airports as they are in schools, sports facilities and gymnasia.

Glass is the perfect material where hygiene is of paramount importance. That means that Ambienta Secure 'G'components are ideal for Healthcare, Education and Corporate environments

The Ambienta Secure Locker System is ingenious in the simplicity of its design.

The decision that drives cost really becomes one of material selection. Glass and Stone more expensive than Wood and Phenolic. Within each material group there are opportunities for different performance and finish levels that can affect the overall price too.

The Ambienta Secure Locker System features Digilock, the worlds most advanced locker access and control system.

  • Key Pad
  • RFID
  • Camlock Keypad
  • Camlock RFID
  • iButton